Searchlight Doins

Double Duplex Mine

October 21-23, 2005


Inaugural Frank Wait Desert Run

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Where's the Road? History Lesson Firewood
img000001 ftpiute img000003
new PBC?? Ft Piute Ft Piute
img000004 img000005 img000006
Ft. Piute Piute Creek Petroglyphs


Doins Action

img000007 img000008 img000009
Clampers At Clampsite
img000010 img000011 doyle
Idle Minds Clampers Doyle's Stream
img000012 img000013 img000014
PBCs At Work More
img000015 img000016 img000017
PBCs at Work
img000018 img000019 img000020
More PBCs At Work Final Touches
img000021 img000022  
Clampers PBCs  



Plaque Dedication

img000024 img000025 img000023
Plaque Monument Close-up
headframe historian greybeards
Headframe Historian at Work Graybeards
coltons clampers samcolton/td>
Colton Family Clampers Sam Colton


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