Oct 13-15th - Hiko, NV

NOTE: The clampsite location in Hiko has been clarified.
37.667809, -115.198736

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On NV318, Just north of Mail Summit Rd, and just north of Mile Marker 10 is an unlabeled ranch road going east. That’s your turn. Once you turn there, come to the bottom of that short road, and turn left. You’ll see a hay barn, that’s where we are (the hay barn is new, and doesn’t show on Google maps). Any issues, reach out to Big Elvis at 7O2-58O-689I, or fire up GMRS/FRS 19 once you are in the vicinity. That’s the official channel for the weekend.

NGH Trebion “Darth Chocolate” Wilson has again called for the redshirts to gather October 13-15, and celebrate the illustrious history of southern Nevada, in this case in the bright lights and sounds of Lincoln County’s first county seat, Hiko. Though it only lasted four years as a mining town, and reached a population high of about 300, Hiko was the focus for the fabulous Pahranagat Mining District. Silver flowed through its mills, which were shipped to the area by flat bottomed steamer up the Colorado River to Callville and then freighted 145 miles by oxen to Hiko. Hiko served as the county seat when Lincoln county grew to include that land which is now Clark County, and was the county seat from which the Sheriff never left to deal with problems in the south except to place tax notices on the homes and farms along the Virgin River after not telling the residents they were part of Nevada, but more on that later. After Hiko ceased to be a mining community, farmers moved in, and have farmed the area since. We will be staying on the Cannon Ranch, across the road from the original mill site and the Hiko Cemetery. This is a great site so mark your calendars. Don’t forget to round up your PBCs.

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Oh, here's where it's at: 
Cannon Ranch Rd
Hiko, NV 89017
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